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Texas gas prices are now above $3 a gallon for the first time in since 2014

Some analysts suspect the price of crude oil barrels will skyrocket to $100, further impacting the price for drivers.

TYLER, Texas — All over East Texas, the price of gas is surging to about $3 a gallon. The national average is $3.3 a gallon. The surge in gas price is not unique to East Texas. In fact, this increase is occurring in Texas and nationwide.

AAA Texas says right now, Tyler residents are only paying two cents less than Dallas and Fort Worth on average. 

One reason for this surge is due to the pandemic: "More people are traveling more people driving," says Daniel Armbruster, AAA Spokesperson. "Now you have more people going back to the office, a lot of people taking vacations that they hadn't taken in a year and a half and so demand for gasoline is really just increased." 

AAA Texas with the holiday season approaching, prices are suspected to rise, but not by much. Armbruster says in the winter gasoline switches to a winter blend, required by the EPA to help with the vaporization of the fuel. Winter blend gasoline is cheaper to produce so normally the price of gas does down in the fall, but with the demand for crude oil increasing so it the price.

Supply and demand is a contributing factor, but local gasoline industry expert Gates Brelsford says the cost of crude oil also has a significant impact.

Brelsford says right now, the cost of crude oil is about $80 a barrel, "which is way up." Brelsford says analysts suspect the price to skyrocket to $100 further impacting the price for drivers.

AAA says they don't suspect the price to decrease for right now. In the meantime, AAA has provided ways to save. CBS19 has located the cheapest places to fill up in Tyler.