Seven Texas representatives took a pledge Tuesday to support a law created to fight cyber bullying.

David's Law -- a law named after a San Antonio teen who killed himself after months of bullying via social media -- will give school districts the tools to investigate off-campus threats. Seven lawmakers have placed a sticker with the David's Law symbol on their cell phones to symbolize their commitment to bring the cyber bullying issue to the forefront of Texas school districts.

Lawmakers introduce 'David's Law' to crack down on bullying

The law was spearheaded by Maurine Molak, David's mother. After the bill was first introduced last November, it came with overwhelming support and easy traction every step along the way to it becoming law. And for David's mom, Tuesday's sign of support is an important step for her cause.

"The pledge is an opportunity for people to make a statement that they will never use their devices as a weapon and place that sticker on their phones," Maurine said. "We're hoping that's what school districts will do -- and communities will do -- is rally around it. Because this is an epidemic."

Of the 40,000 stickers David's Legacy Foundation recently ordered, 30,000 have already been handed out. Many have been sent outside of Texas. Go here to learn more about the pledge.

The front of the sticker shows the David's Law logo while the back of the sticker describes the pledge.

Maurine said there are two key steps that need to be focused on before this law goes into effect on Sept. 1. She said her foundation is continuing to remain in contact with Texas school districts and educating them on how David's Law will work. The foundation will also work with district attorneys on the criminal side of the law.