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Court filing shows that transgender eighth-grader was pulled out of class by DFPS

"It caused her kiddo to have, in essence, a meltdown, you'll see that that's the case. The kid did not go back to class," Attorney Shelly Skeen said.

TEXAS, USA — A new court filing shows one mother claims investigators pulled her middle schooler out of class to question him. This filing – sent to KVUE by Lambda Legal – is part of a larger effort.

Right now Lambda Legal, the ACLU and other attorneys have two lawsuits in which they're trying to end the investigation of families of transgender kids who may be receiving gender-affirming care. Both cases have reached the appellate court level.

Shelly Skeen, senior attorney with Lambda Legal, said this incident has caused pain to the child and his family. 

"It caused her kiddo to have, in essence, a meltdown. You'll see that that's the case. The kid did not go back to class, his name is Steve, and has had trouble going back to class since then," she said. "What we're trying to do with the trial court is give the trial court additional evidence that it had asked for, that these families are suffering irreparable harm."

DFPS did not answer specific questions but they did send information regarding what circumstances they can talk to a child without their parent's permission. For a full guide, click here. 

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