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New Texas law increasing jury duty pay goes into effect

Harris County is also implementing a new way to get paid for your time serving on a jury.

HOUSTON — Starting September 1, anyone selected for jury duty in Texas will get paid more.

For the first day of jury service, the pay increases from $6 to $20. For subsequent days, it changes from $40 to $58. 

“We're so excited that we finally have secured a pay increase for jurors, is the first one since 2005,” Harris County District Clerk Marilyn Burgess said. “And the state is fully funding this pay increase."

She said they're hoping the increase will encourage more citizens to show up for jury duty, including low-income people who couldn't afford to take that time off work. 

Harris County also implemented a new way to get paid. Just swipe your debit card at the start of your service and the county will use that information to pay you for your time.

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