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Tips to keep your pet safe, happy during indoor summer

Well you might thinking the extra time in the house may be enough to keep your pet happy, you need to make sure your pet your in their normal routine.

TYLER, Texas — Most people are spending more time at home than usual. One of the benefits from that extra time is the time with your furry loved one.

However, the time with your pet needs to be well spent.

"We are all a little off balance right now and this new normal," Deborah Dobbs of the SPCA of East Texas said. "And we’re maybe not working the same schedule, or maybe we’re home with kids all day, and we’re maybe not doing that normal checklist every morning when we get ready to go to work." 

Dobbs says keeping the routine of keep your pet healthy is more important now than ever.

"They need food. They need fresh water. They definitely need shade if their outdoor pets only," Dobbs said. "And you need to check on your animal even though you’re there with them. You may not realize, 'Oh my gosh! I haven’t filled that water bowl today.'"

Dobbs says it is more important to pay close attention to your pet with the temperature rising.