TYLER, Texas — It is hard to ignore the chill in the air across East Texas. That can only mean one thing: The holiday season is here!

Perhaps the most recognizable staple of the holiday season is a Christmas tree. Whether you are getting your first tree or 50th, it is a decision that sets the tone for the rest of the season.

So what are some the things you should consider when you chose your tree?

According to James Robinson of Danville Farms, potential buyers should always look at the size and shape of the tree and how it would fit in their home.

“They look kinda small out here in the field but once you get home they kinda grow,” Robinson said. "The tree [should have] a straight, strong trunk so it will fit in the stand properly,“ Robinson said.

While a natural tree gives off a pleasant look and smell that faux trees cannot replicate, they do require care.

Robinson says one of the most important tasks is making sure the tree has plenty of water to keep it healthy.

If taken care of properly, a tree should last your family the entire season.

Most importantly, you should always keep your tree, real or fake, away from any heat source that could cause a fire. This includes fire places and space heaters.