TYLER, Texas — Wednesday night we were bracing for another round of heavy rain, strong winds and possible hail. These storms are very common during the month of April and we are just getting started.

According to Joel Ford with Dent Concepts, a body shop in Tyler, this is his busiest time of the year.

"It's usually April, May, June, July. That's when we do the bulk of our business," Ford said.

In 2018, Texas had the second most insurance claims for hail damage, according to State Farm.

"The numbers are just staggering as far as what happens with our spring hail storms," Tyler State Farm agent, Linda Rowe, said.

Last year the agency spent more than 400 million dollars on hail repairs. Covering everything from roofs, windows, cars and even boats. 

To keep your vehicle from being damaged by hail, there are a few tricks you can do.

Fords says move you car into a garage or carport if possible.

"I wouldn't try to cover it up with anything, that just doesn't work very well," Ford said. "It just creates debris for your neighbor."

If you do not have a safely place for your car, placing blankets and comforters could help. However, that does not guarantee the safety of your car. 

"I've seen in the last few years some of the devices they have out there," Ford said. "A lot of times if the storm is severe, it's just going to blow off."

Ford says make sure to cover your windows. 

"Windows are very common in hail storms or even in wind storms, to be damage," Rowe said. "So try to board them up or at least tarp them up."

Another tip is to bring in any patio furniture or plants. This will prevent the items from being tossed around and potentially damaging your windows.

Now might be a good time to check your coverage on your home and auto insurance policies. Make sure you have a reasonable deductible and that hail coverage is included.