TYLER — Saturday's storm came down hard and fast in many parts of East Texas making it difficult and sometimes scary to travel.

Over the next few days, there will be more rain as well as chances for flash flooding.

Before getting on the road, check that all of your car's exterior lights and windshield wipers work so that you can see and be seen in the rain.

While driving, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration advises people should go a third of the speed limit on wet roads. Also, stay in the middle lane as water tends to pool in the outside lanes.

The FMCA also advised to avoid using cruise control because it can make it harder to regain control while hydroplaning or skidding.

If you do happen to hydroplane, take your foot off of the gas, grab the steering wheel with both hands and steer toward the direction of the skid. As you recover control gently straighten the wheels and brake slowly.

If you happen to see a large puddle remember: "Turn around, don't drown." During flash flooding it takes only a foot of rain to float a car and two feet to wash it away.