In light of the recent sexual assault investigation, the president of Tyler Junior College, Dr. L Michael Metke, has released his plans for heightened safety measures on campus.

Dr. Metke wants students to take reasonable precautions about allowing people in and out of their dorm rooms.

He also said that any safety concerns should be taken up with campus police who can provide escort services on campus when requested.

In his statement, Dr. Metke pointed out that anyone who violates dorm visitation rules, admitting "guests" into private dorms and deciding to wait to report an alleged assault can make it harder to investigate those incidents.

Campus police will remain vigilant and any prosecutions that result from allegations will be vigorous.

Dr. Metke ordered campus housing to stop any non-resident visitations beyond the ground floor lobbies of each residence hall. According to Dr. Metke, most of the serious incidents have involved non-TJC students coming to the campus.

TJC Police officers have been instructed to issue criminal trespass warnings to anyone who is not on campus for educational reasons. Anyone who is not a student in campus housing in violation of no trespassing rules will immediately be arrested.

Also, as of October 6, TJC has increased police patrols throughout the dorm halls.

Students who live on campus are advised not to help anyone who is not a student enter into a residence hall. Any student who violates the rules may be subject to expulsion.