According to the International Towing and Recovery Museum, 50 to 100 tow truck drivers die on the job every year in the United States.

The job is dangerous enough as it is, mix in the icy road conditions and other drivers, it can make it even worse.

One of the issues tow truck operators run into the most is other drivers not abiding the 'move over' law which was applied to tow trucks in 2012.

The law says, " State law requires drivers approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, including a tow reduce speed and vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle."

Bubba Oney, owner of Action Towing ,decided to stay in the field of 'tow trucking' despite the accident that took the life of his father.

"He was actually killed on the side of I-20, he was doing a tow on the side of the road, and a tractor-trailer came into the shoulder and ran him over. It killed him and two customers that were driving the car that was disabled at the time tow trucks were not in the move over law," said Oney.

Tow truck drivers encourage drivers to follow the law, for the sake of their own safety.

"If you see the flashing lights, slow down or move over, I've got a wife and daughter at home waiting for me if I don't come home, what are they going to do?" truck driver, Daniel Holbook said.