Hundreds of people from Troup and across East Texas gathered to say good-bye to Karen Agnew. She was a beloved teacher, friend, mom, and grandma.

For the city of Troup, she was more than just those titles. She was someone that impacted many, so many that schools let out early and City Hall closed down for the proceedings.

About six years ago CBS 19 shared the story about Troup High School rallying around their teacher who was diagnosed with breast cancer. That teacher was Karen Agnew.

Later on she was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

On Saturday, November 25th, Karen Agnew passed away.

At First Baptist Church of Troup, Shane Thomas shares how she impacted his life.

"Anytime that I needed her for anything, she was always there, and she always supported me and loved me through everything that I did." Thomas said.

He even called her Momma Agnew.

Friends and co-workers at Troup High school, Tracye Martin says when Agnew moved to Troup she made the community her own.

"Karen Agnew loved others before she loved herself." Martin said.

Thomas and many others at the funeral all said the same thing.

"I wish I could tell her I love her... one last time."