TYLER, Texas — The Tyler District continues to monitor flooded roadways following storms from last week.

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According to TxDOT Tyler, crews in Gregg and Wood counties are monitoring FM 2087 and FM 1804 due to water over the roads.

Local law enforcement along with TxDOT will continue to check the roads and remind motorists not to drive around the traffic barricades.

TxDOT says the roads will be opened to traffic once the water recedes and an inspection is conducted to ensure the surface is intact and the road is structurally adequate to carry traffic.

Current road closures include:

  • Gregg County: FM 2087 – Closed due to flooding from south of Loop 281 to 454 feet east of I-20. The water could recede by late Friday but more rain is forecast. 
  • Gregg County: Gay Avenue Bridge in Gladewater is closed due to high water flooding the bridge. 
  • Wood County: FM 1804 – Closed due to flooding from 607 feet south of US 80 to 269 feet north of US 69. 

With more rain in the forecast, it could be Monday or later before these roadways reopen to traffic.

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