Tyler ISD announced on Wednesday they will continue grant-awarded Head Start wraparound services for qualifying students, while simultaneously providing pre-k learning models for all pre-k eligible children, beginning with the 2019-20 school year. 

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The pre-k model offers localized, enhanced quality instruction aligned with District goals and State of Texas standards. 

“After dialogue with the Head Start office in Washington, it was confirmed Tyler ISD may implement its curriculum standards for all pre-k aged students," Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said. "There will be State aligned instructional equity across the District as opposed to separate systems of instruction, which was the model formerly used. Conversations with Dr. Deborah Bergeron, Director of Head Start, have assured Tyler ISD that the District can exercise local discretion with curriculum selection and professional development while utilizing Head Start grant funding to provide additional wraparound services. All students deserve the best educational curriculum and instruction possible, and if we can add family and student support on top, it’s a win-win for students, families and the District.” 

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The District also plans to enhance attention to the Head Start initiative by identifying additional opportunities through the deployment of nurses, counselors, family engagement specialists, constituent services and other community resources at its neighborhood zoned schools. This, along with campus principals and faculty owning instructional inputs and outcomes, should assist in providing the beginning of a quality school experience with the ultimate goal of successful student outcomes.

Crawford says all children who meet the age requirement are eligible, “We're open for business as far as early education goes from those that are economically disadvantaged, to those that are struggling economically, to those who actually can afford Pre-K. So we think it's going to provide great equity in the system, for all of our students to go through that serving those that are economically disadvantaged, and those that can actually afford to pay tuition to receive pre k services as well.”

For more information or to enroll a student in Head Start pre-k, pre-k or tuition pre-k, please visit your zoned campus or www.tylerisd.org.