Tyler Junior College issued a security warning after reports of a sexual assault. Officials said the assault happened September 28 in a residence hall but was not reported until October 4.

Campus police is asking that female students be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

"We are asking that our females be cautious and not allow unknown individuals into their residence halls," said Professor and Assistant Vice President Tom Johnson.

Johnson said although the department issued the warning, officers don't want female students to panic.

"It makes me think, do I want to go out late? Do I even want to go to the gym late?" said freshman Brieyona Dennis. "After yesterday I didn't even stay out late."

Students on campus say they often see officers patrolling common areas. They said that officers also patrol the residence halls.

"I personally see police out-and-about when I'm walking anywhere," said Freshman Shaylee Anaya. "I see them a lot."

Students said they will take extra precautions when walking through campus in the dark.

"Just walking around with a group of friends or someone you know so that you can feel safer," said sophomore Ada Iruita.

Campus police said they offer assistance to anyone who doesn't feel safe.

"All we need is for them to ask us and we are more than happy to meet you at your car, walk you to class," said Johnson.