TYLER, Texas — The Tyler Morning Telegraph is looking to provide crucial information to expectant parents with their six-part series, "Empowering Mothers: Improving Birth Outcomes." 

The goal of the series by journalist Sarah Miller is to educate women and parents on how they can advocate for their health and for the health of their children throughout pregnancy.

In the first piece, Tasha Wade, of Tyler, shares her story of developing the pregnancy complication preeclampisa, a form of hypertension, that led to the premature delivery of her son Oa'siah Williams. 

Oa'siah was delivered prematurely at 24 weeks by emergency c-section and lived for two days. 

Tasha is now studying to become a community health worker so she can educate both women and men about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications.

Click here for part one from Sunday's edition of the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

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