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East Texas businesses seeking employees, but applicants weigh in on inflating economy

Work Force Solutions of East Texas gathered multiple East Texas businesses to attract new employees.

TYLER, Texas — If you’re driving around Tyler it’s hard to miss those “help wanted” signs. 

Dozens of businesses around East Texas gathered today for a job fair hoping to attract new employees. 

"We're looking for hard workers and commitment," Artimese Lawrence, coordinator of human resources for Tyler ISD said. "We're looking for dedication."

Open opportunities lined up for those seeking employment. 

"A lot of people go to the website, but so many people don't read papers, they don't do anything like that," Shannon Peoples, a job fair participant said.

Making this experience an opportunity to meet employers face to face. 

"I'm looking to go back into the field of education," Peoples said. "I'm about to receive my bachelor's degree in ministry, but I feel like ministry needs to be spread throughout our town within our communities."

Many "help wanted" signs in Tyler show that workers are needed. Which means applicants have the upper hand to negotiate for better wages and benefits. 

"I'm really looking for something that's sustainable within this economy," Allison Sharp, a job fair participant said. "I'm looking for something where you don't need two, three, or four jobs to keep yourself afloat."

"All I can do is add on to what I already have," People's said. "May not be much, but I can stay right above the poverty line and be able to support my family. Who wants to live in a situation like that?"

At today’s job fair there was a range of employers. From veterans groups to the education field. 

"We are actually looking for an assistant director," Mark Shaw, the community engagement manager of CAMP V said. "We're here to try to find somebody to fill that position, as well as inform any particular or various veterans that are running around here that we actually exist, and what we do, and why we are here for them."

"We have several positions that we have available," Lawrence said. "We're looking for people who will love to work with our kiddos in the school district and that have that passion for kids."

Many opportunities are available in Tyler, and the Work Force Solutions of East Texas will be hosting their next job fair at Jarvis Christian University on May 24th.