The Tyler Police Department is continuing its Enhanced Community Outreach Program on Thursday, May 17 from 4 p.m. to TBD.

Tyler Police went door to door introducing themselves and reaching out to citizens to ask what they can do for them.

"We meet with them, let them know who we are, and if they have any issues that we need to follow up on, it;s an opportunity for them to do that as well." Officer James McCraw with the Tyler Police Department said.

The outreach program is one of many programs that are conducted to become closer to the Tyler community and address problems that residents may have in their specific neighborhood.

The department will be addressing concerns such as criminal activity in the area, traffic issues, abandoned vehicles, and code enforcement property concerns. If a concern is brought to their attention that would involve another city department they can assist with informing the city department responsible for addressing the issue.

One of the main concerns on Thursday was speeding.

"Some speeding goes on." George Johnson Jr. said.

The Program area will include the following streets: McClenny Drive, El Cerrito Place, Garrett Drive and two duplex communities off Cambridge Road.