The Tyler Police Department wants the public to be aware of a phone scam.

The department received several calls from residents regarding to a person calling and saying they were with Microsoft. The caller asks for the IP address of their computer to determine if the computer has detected viruses.

The caller will act like they are looking into the computer problem and inform the victim that they have numerous computer issues. The suspect will ask the victim for a credit card number so they may go in and add virus protection and clean up the viruses that don’t exists.

The suspect will then start charging on your credit card while they are keeping you on the phone with the phony computer problem.

Tips to avoid phone scams:

• Do not give your credit card information to an unknown person that has contacted you.

• Do not give anyone access to your computer that would allow them to access private information on it.

• Ask for a call back number to allow you to check into the story that they have given to you.

• This scam is primarily targeting elderly persons who may not think to question the motive.