TYLER, Texas — The Swan MX Raceway Park is hosting its 28th Annual Texas Pro-Am Challenge Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1. The motocross park is just off Loop 323 in Tyler.

Swan MX is the oldest continuously operating track in Texas. 

"They come from all over the country to come here just to have a weekend just to enjoy the sport," Swan MX Customer Relations Representative Garrett Smith said.

Steve Wise is a highly decorated professional motorcycle rider who is now retired. He says Swan MX is of the highest tier.

"I'm in the [American Motorcycle Association] Hall of Fame," Wide said. "I've won many races and championships and so I’m very blessed. Tyler Swan Racetrack is one of the best tracks in the United States."

Professional riders can compete for $25,000 in prize money during the event.

"Today and tomorrow is really unique because you're going to get some of the top skill levels of riders that are going to be in the state," Smith explained. "For this event, we usually run about 800 to 900 riders."

Swan MX is not just for experienced racers, they offer opportunities for everyone to ride.

"You're always welcome to be able to come and find a place that meets your skill level. So all you need is a bike, a helmet and some boots, and just come and sign up," Smith said.

Smith says he appreciates the family environment and inclusiveness motocross can provide.

"It's a family-centered sport where you can have everybody in involved," Smith said. "We have people that raced 55 [years old] plus and think the oldest person we had here was close to 70 and the youngest is four." 

Admission to see the races is $10. If you would like to learn more visit Swan MX.