Rudy Xzavier Williams, 18, is behind bars after Tyler Police Officers arrested him for aggravated assault around 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

As a Tyler law enforcement officer was conducting a traffic stop at Dobbs and Vine, he was contacted by a man driving a white Cadillac who told him he was being followed.

More officers were called to the scene and another vehicle pulled up soon after.

The passengers in the second vehicle told the officers that the driver of the Cadillac was just involved in an aggravated assault that happened at Fun Forest park on 2000 N. Forest Ave.

The victims also told police that they were sitting in the Fun Forest park parking lot when the the Cadillac drove up next to them and parked.

The victims also said that after the Cadillac was parked, a black man with dreadlocks exited that vehicle and showed a handgun to the driver and ordered them to get out of their vehicle.

Another suspect then broke out the back windshield with a hammer as the victims then drove away from the scene.

As the victims were driving away, the suspects began shooting at the victims vehicle, hitting it twice.

None of the victims were struck by a bullet, but one of them received minor scratches and refused treatment for them at the scene.

While the victims were still fleeing the scene, they saw that the white Cadillac was still in the area and started to follow it until it stopped with the Tyler Police Officer conducting a traffic stop.

After an investigation was conducted and evidence was collected, law enforcement officials placed the driver of the Cadillac, Rudy Xzavier Williams, under arrest for aggravated assault.

Officers also searched the area where the incident was reported to have happened but were not able to find the two remaining suspects.

This case remains under investigation. Refresh for updates.