TYLER — In two weeks, the city of Tyler will convert their water disinfection process to free chlorine. The temporary conversion will last between Oct. 22 and Nov. 19.

The city uses a combination of free chlorine and ammonia called chloramines to ensure the city's drinking water is disinfected. The process is recommended by TCEQ for water systems that treat surface water.

However, periodically the system needs to be changed to free chlorine to maintain quality. The city has been doing the conversion process annually since October of 2014. The city steps up its efforts to ensure that they clean as much iron out of the water as possible during this time.

There should not be noticeable changes in the water quality. However, it is possible some residents may experience a different taste or odor. The water might also be slightly discolored.

If residents see their water is slightly discolored, they are encouraged to temporarily flush their faucets, tubs and toilets until the water is clear. The city also recommends to not wash clothes if residents see the water is slightly discolored as it could lead to stains.

Residents may also experience a temporary drop in water pressure.

Most residents are encouraged to use the drinking water as normal. However, dialysis patients are encouraged to talk to their physicians and possible get a filter.

You are encouraged to call the Tyler Water Utilities Service Center at (903) 531-1285 if you have any questions.