East Texans are feeling the impact of the Las Vegas mass shooting. One Tyler woman was nearly caught in the line of fire.

"People were just screaming and running. It was a very terrifying experience, said Kelley Saucerman, who moved to Las Vegas two months ago for a change of scenery.

She was working about a mile away at a restaurant inside Planet Hollywood. Employees heard there was a shooting, but Saucerman was told to keep working, not thinking it was serious.

Then, people started flooding her restaurant.

"People started running down the strip, and people were panicking," she said. "They asked people to come inside. People were flooding into our restaurant through our kitchen."

She was on the phone with her sister and fiance, who fortunately had been in a similar situation.

Her future brother-in-law, Allen Knous, was in Egypt during the 2010 protests.

"The government started letting out criminals in the streets to break up protests, and things just started escalating," Knous said.

His advice to Saucerman was to keep as calm as possible.

"In a situation like that, if you lose your head, that's a lot of times how you lose your life," he said.

While family said they could be with Kelley during this difficult time, they know she'll be visiting over the holidays.