UPDATE: Tyler investigators have released the identities of all five suspects involved in the Atwood's Burglary.

Arrest warrants have been secured for the following suspects:

  1. Jaleen Norton, age 17 of Hawkins, Texas
  2. Gakerrion Miller, age 18 of Tyler, Texas
  3. Cody Jones, age 19 of Hawkins, Texas
  4. Richard Levi Hammonds, age 17 of Hawkins, Texas
  5. Krispen Wooten, age 18 of Hawkins, Texas

The suspects have been charged with Burglary of a Building, a felony. Police recovered some of the stolen firearms and are still recovering the other stolen items.

One of the five is in custody, Gakerrion Miller, on a probation violation.

Police are searching for the other suspects to bring them into custody or they can turn themselves into authorities.

Investigators believe the suspects are also responsible for a burglary in Mineola that happened the same morning after the Atwood Burglary.


Authorities are investigating an overnight robbery at an Atwood’s Ranch and Home Supply store in Tyler on Saturday.

Tyler Police say that around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, 5 suspects crashed through a glass window and entered the store.

Officer Don Martin said that the suspects headed to the back of the store and broke through the case where the long rifle firearms are kept.

The surveillance video has not yet been released.

Anyone with any information that could lead to the suspects whereabouts are urged to contact Tyler Police.