LONGVIEW — A computer used to look up registered voters glitched Tuesday in Longview during Election Day.

The computer was at the Broughton Recreational Center in Longview.

The Gregg County Board of Elections says the computer was fixed quickly and normal voting continued.

While voters waited for the computer to be fixed, the poll workers told voters they could wait until the computer was fixed or make a short drive to a nearby polling place to cast their vote.

Katheryn Nealy of the Gregg County Board of Directors gave CBS 19 the following statement to clear any misunderstand:

"The computer that we use to look up voters locked up for a few minutes. Our tech went to fix it. It was fixed within 10 minuntes.

"During that time, voters were given the option to wait or go down the street to another polling place that was two minutes down the street. No one was denied the right to vote. They were given the right to wait or go down the street."Our job is to work with our voters."