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WATCH: Deputies save East Texas woman from burning home

Panola County Sheriff's Office Deputies Chris Dickerson, Callahan Malone and Travis Curry saved a woman from her home that began burning some time before 1:30 a.m. Monday morning in the Fairplay community.

After the Panola County Sheriff's Office received the call about a woman trapped in her burning home, two fire departments were notified and deputies Dickerson, Curry and Malone responded.

As the deputies ran to towards the home, they were met by the homeowner and a neighbor who yelled and pointed to a window on the side of the house, telling them there was a woman trapped in the bedroom.

Deputies Curry and Dickerson climbed through the broken window and got into the bedroom that was on fire, finding the woman lying unconscious on the floor.

As the flames got closer to the window, the deputies picked the woman up and passed her out the window to Deputy Malone, who just arrived to the scene.

Deputies also saved an unconscious family dog who was also in the bedroom.

The woman was breathing, but unresponsive when EMS arrived to the home. She was later taken to a Shreveport hospital via medical helicopter and treated for minor injuries.

Deputy Curry was taken to a hospital in Henderson for a cut on his leg he got while climbing through the broken window.

According to authorities, fire crews stayed at the home for several hours.

Panola County Sheriff, Kevin Lake, said he was "thankful for the deputies' quick action in being able to rescue this victim from her burning home. I know their bravery saved this woman's life."