GLADEWATER - Under a boil water notice for two days, Lakishia Fountain has avoided using tap water. She said she'll barley use tap water, but she's bought cases of water. However, she's expecting the city to address the issue quickly.

"It was really surprising to me," Fountain said. "Hopefully here pretty soon this will be taken care of so we won't have to keep buying it."

Steven Matlock oversees the city's water and sewer development. He said a main water line burst is common. Matlock said people can still bathe in the water, but it's best to boil the water if it's going to be consumed. He said the city is just about finished with its repairs. A series of test have to be made in order to lift the boil notice.

"We'll figure out what went wrong and take measures to not let that happen again," Matlock said

Within those tests, representatives are checking for water quality and pressure levels. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, when it's no longer necessary to boil water - the city will send out another notification to rescind the notice.