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LIFE-SAVING ADVICE: What to do in an active shooter scenario

Professionals weigh in on what to do and what NOT to do during an active shooting.

SMITH COUNTY, Texas — For many, experiencing an active shooting is their worst nightmare. Things can happen a lot faster than you'd think. One second, the shooter is across the room from you, but before you realize it, that distance has closed.

In an instant, your world is turned upside down. Security consultant Jason Wilbur said, "unfortunately, it's usually mass chaos. The going saying for active shooter response right now is Hide, Flee, Fight."

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If you can safely do so, find somewhere to barricade yourself and keep a low profile until help arrives.


Always know your exits. Maybe there's a window nearby. Even if it's on the second floor.

"I'd rather break an ankle or leg than risk, get shot by somebody, you know," Wilbur said.


Wilbur said, "if a shooter has got a gun, and they're kicking in every door looking for people to kill, I'm going to go out fighting with whatever I can get."

The thought of fighting is intimidating for many people, especially those who have never had to fight before.

"It absolutely is," Wilbur said. "But you know, you can talk to a mother who's never been a cop, or in the military. Nine out of 10 times, she's gonna fight to the death, protect her kids."

After the chaos is over, give yourself time to heal physically and mentally.

Pastor Holman with Starrville CME Church said, "like with any loss with any tragedy, you're not going to overcome it overnight. Take it one step and one day at a time."

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