From a young age, Tracy Blankenship knew he wanted to be a coach.

"I knew that I wanted to be a head coach. Every job I ever had I wanted to be a coach of the team. I didn’t care if it was seventh grade I didn’t care if it was eighth grade." says Tracy Blankenship

His role was influenced by his coaches growing up as well as his dad.

"How they molded me how they made a difference in the choices I made, to go to school and that’s the role I wanted to play," says Blankenship

Coach Blankenship not only plays the role of coach but father and mentor.

Dedicated, Christian, and a good man just a few words his players use to describe him.

The lessons he teaches don't stop after the last play of the game.

The lessons of life how to get knocked down seven times and get back up again and dust themselves off. That’s the first thing I want them to learn on the field. Also, dealing with adversaries and dealing with adversity and dealing with aches and pains, dealing with conflict and also dealing with success and failures." says Blankenship, "Off the field, I want them to be a part of a larger group than just themselves to set goals and dreams of the things that I think I’m on the field and off the field and how our program tries to impact the kiddos.”