He’s more than a coach.

He’s one man, looking to make a difference.

“From an early age, I realize that I was different. God had his hands on me from a much earlier age,” says Bullard defensive line coach, Travon Brown, “I’ve been an ordained minister for about six or seven years. I have a license to marry and to burry.”

Brown’s faith and love for football go hand and hand.

“We are going to have Christian values and coaches that are good godly men and set good examples to the children,” says Athletic Director/Head Coach, Scott Callaway, “We see him doing that and that’s who he is it’s a part of his life God comes first in our lives you can tell that with Coach Brown… we’re trying to be the light for these kids and our faith and how we try and do things.”

Coach Brown has already made a big impression and it’s not because of his size, but more the way he treats the kids, on and off the field.

“He teaches a class in our school, outdoor education class. Kids that don’t even play football say how good of a guy he is and how he influences them too.” Says QB, Landry Lasseter

“We’re training them for their lives. I tell each and everyone of them you will be a leader one day regardless if it’s not on the football field you will be a leader in your home, personal life husband and or wife because I coach girls also.” Says Brown, “That’s what I want kids to take away is that the game is much bigger than just a game of football we’re practicing for the game of life.”.