WHITEHOUSE — Whitehouse native Jacob Smith has been named a Ford Unsung Hero of Highway Safety.

The award honors individuals who distinguish themselves as leaders in traffic safety through passion and dedication to making our roads safer for everyone.

In April 2014, during Smith's junior year in high school; he, classmates and their advisor were returning from a Career Technical Education Contest in Corpus Christi when they were involved in a major accident.

“I can’t even recall even seeing the car or recall even being in the hospital. The last thing I remember is stopping at the gas station to get snickers and a Dr Pepper. So, it’s really crazy how this whole life obstacle is just kind of like a missed block in my life.” says Jacob Smith

Smith suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken vertebrae and other substantial injuries. He underwent facial reconstruction and was in the intensive care unit for almost two months.

“My biggest thing was to get out of the hospital to get into the car if I want to make it back if I want to share my story so I did just that," says Jacob

Now, a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Colorado, Smith has started his own consulting firm where he serves as an activist for global road safety.

“If I can empower young people... on a daily basis whether it’s with their family or personal, their circumstances do not define their outcome then I’ve done my job in life and I’ve been powered my own peers" says Jacob