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Tyler boutique offering women health care needs

Women’s Health Boutique has been around for 30 years in Longview, but now a new store has opened its doors in Tyler’s medical district.

TYLER, Texas — A new boutique specializing in women’s health care products has opened its doors in Tyler’s medical district.

“We're well known for our breast prosthesis for women that have had breast surgery, mastectomy, bras, swimwear, wigs, and turbans,” said Vicki Jones, owner, and CEO of Women’s Health Boutique.

Jones first opened Women’s Health Boutique in Longview over 30 years ago. Over the years, she’s had franchises and stores across the United States. 

Now she’s expanding from her Longview and Dallas locations to the Rose City.

“The medical community is so strong in Tyler,” she explained. "I knew I needed to be here."

Jones’ boutique isn’t like any other, many of the customers come in with prescriptions and an expectation of a clinical setting. Jones’ designed it, she said to be the opposite.

“She can come where she is cared for and listened to, and taken care of, and beckoned into our home-like setting at Women’s Health Boutique,” said Jones.

She says she opened the boutique-style store after her mother passed away from cancer and she saw the lack of women’s health care needs in East Texas.

“My mother, she taught me everything,” she said. “We have made the legacy of my mother live on forever.”

The store sells many different items including Jones’ own line of breast prosthetics, the WHB Lite Line.

“I worked with a team of designers for several years to develop a prosthesis that would mold in the bra,” Jones said.

The store also offers Radiant Impressions, which is where women can custom design their prostheses.

“We match a woman's skin color, the shape of her upper chest wall, so it's like a glove fitting a hand,” she said.

Two of the four fittings rooms are designated for the prosthesis impressions. The other two are for compression fittings.

“Our fitting rooms are large, they're spacious, they've got chairs in them,” Jones said. “We can do everything in the fitting room so that they're not out in the open.”

There’s also an area for wigs and the room next door is a salon where customers of Women’s Health Boutique can have their head shaved if they’d like, or to help with wigs.

“We are a licensed wig salon in the state of Texas,” Jones said. “We actually can trim, cut, frame the wig, thin it right on the woman's head to make it her hair.”

The boutique also offers products for pregnant women with breastfeeding supplies and other accessories.

"One of the things that we do that I'm very proud of is our breast pump," Jones said. "It's my own breast pump that I customized to give women who are going to be breastfeeding, all the options that she needed without having to pay anything extra to get them."

Women’s Health Boutique is located at 1130 Doctors Drive. The store’s products are also available for purchase online.