KYTX - What is the Canine Influenza Virus or dog flu? Dr. Amir Shams said it's a respiratory infection of dogs and it is been around for since 2004. The first virus jumped fro horses to dogs and its origins come from Florida. This version is called H3-N8. A second strand of the virus erupted in 2015, H3-N2. This stand of of the virus dogs contract from one another.

"How it came to the United States is unknown," Dr. Shams said.

The doctor said symptoms of the dog flu include: cough, runny nose, fever and lethargy. According to the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostics Lab, the latest cases of H3-N2 were in Harris, Hoot and Travis county. Going to dog parks and public places could increase the chances of contracting the flu, compared to dogs who stay home.

"We always have to be cautious about it because the influenza virus can mutate quickly," Dr. Shams said.

There aren't any reported cases in East Texas, however, Dr. Shams said it is possible the virus can reach here.