LONGVIEW, Texas — Coronavirus has changed how many of us live our daily lives and that includes kids.

At Longview ISD, students are now doing their school work online.

"Not being able to see my students has been a little bit of an adjustment," said Constance Massey, a 5th-grade teacher at Dudson Pep Elementary.

Massey has needed to adjust how she teaches. She now uses resources like Google Classroom and Zoom to teach her students.

Elizabeth Ross, the Communications Director for Longview says their schools are adjusting to this new situation as best they can.

"This is something completely new and unheard of that we haven't ever bridged before," said Ross. "Being out of school for an extended period of time, and basically having to create classrooms in a setting that we are not used too."

Kate Langston has three children who attend Longview schools and all three are getting used to this new way of learning but it's not all smooth sailing.  

"The main disappointments would be with our oldest, the senior," said Langston. "They're missing out on so many important events but the kids are learning to manage their time well. They're learning that they have to be organized."

Massey says she's trying to lighten the workload for students as they adjust.

This is because some lessons are difficult to teach over the internet even with a camera.

"We were supposed to be teaching in school was moon phases, and that's really hard to teach virtually," said Massey.

For Longview, this way of teaching works for most of their students but for others, an alternative's been put in place for families that don't have computers.

"For our families that don't have internet service, we are providing packets and those are being mailed out every two weeks," said Ross.