A Loomis mechanic is being called a Good Samaritan for helping a stranded family fly back home.

David Lugo was on his way back home with his four children to Kansas City, Missouri, from the San Francisco Bay Area after doing missionary work this summer when his van broke down.

Lugo said he called many shops until Rob Koya from Golden Eagle Automotive in Loomis picked up.

"I was busy working and he called me on the phone that his car broke down by a gas station and I knew where it was," Koya said.

Koya went and checked Lugo's car out by a gas station after he closed his shop for the day. The car had transmission fluid problems and wasn't able to make the trip back to Kansas City.

"All my kids were on the floor they were crying and all of us sudden there comes Rob," Lugo said. "At that moment I thought he was an angel."

"I asked him if he had any funds or anything and he didn't," Koya said. "The impression I got was that he was helping people."

Koya saw Lugo and his four children and wanted to help out, so he bought five plane tickets for them.

Lugo calls Koya his angel. He couldn't imagine a stranger spending $750 so he can get on a plane that night to be back with the rest of his family, including his wife and baby.

"Anything can help even giving one dollar to someone struggling at a gas station or at the grocery or someone begging in the streets," Lugo said. "It can make a big difference. We can change this world."