VICTORIA, Texas - A Facebook Live video shows an unidentified man riding a white horse straight through the doors of a Whataburger in Victoria.

Some employees and customers seem startled and shouted as he barreled in on horseback.

The video was posted Saturday night by Facebook user Jasmine Sanchez.

Another man opened the door, and people can be seen recording the incident and dancing to music playing from a cell phone.

The man riding the horse doesn't appear to have ordered anything, and rides out a side door a couple of minutes later.

The Victoria Advocate reported that the night manager at the Whataburger location on East Rio Grande Street told the rider and two others with him to leave and then notified the store manager.

Employees were reportedly also concerned about customer safety, because it's possible the horse could have become "spooked" while inside the restaurant.

A manager also told the Victoria Advocate that recreating this "stunt" is not recommended.