ATHENS (KYTX)- Animal lovers in Athens hopped on board a mobile photography studio for pets Saturday.

The studio travels all over the country taking head shots of furry friends.

"Our mission statement is to provide very quality professional portraits at a reasonable price," said owner of Pet Clix, Paul Brough.

Each click is worth a thousand barks. Shirley Spradlin and her husband are taking advantage of the deal.

"When I found out he was going to be here I thought this is my chance to get a good picture of him," said Sprandlin.

Pet Clix is a mobile photography studio, but only for the furry ones and today's stop is Athens.

"We've done three west coast tours we went all the way to Sacramento," said Brough.

"No one has a bigger studio than us in the world right now," said Brough.

With different back-drops, props and grade "A" equipment, Brough may be right.

"I think he's done a great job of getting his attention and getting his picture, I really do," said Sprandlin.

That's a talent, owner Paul Brough, says he didn't initially pursue.

"For twenty five years I was a straight, pure, I called myself a hardened atheist. I wasn't mad at God, I just didn't believe in anything," said Brough.

Then he met his wife who is now his business partner and he says after some doubts, pet photography earned them a living.

"It's a miracle happening every time a pet walks in," said Brough.

"We only work with pets for about twenty minutes and then they go and get their portraits," said Brough.

Although, in duke's case, 20 minutes may have been a stretch, but good thing he's got some winning shots.

"I think he's just beautiful. I really do and you know Joe and I are both so crazy about him, it's pathetic," said Sprandlin.

Pet Clix was invited to Athens by Shaggy Dog Spa.

After dogs were groomed and looking their best, many of them headed over for a quick photo shoot.