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More parents turning to tutoring services amid COVID-19 concerns

With kids being out of school for so long, tutoring businesses are booming.

TYLER, Texas — The start of a new school year for some is days away. To prepare, parents are calling in reinforcement from tutors. For some, learning from home hasn't been easy, but there's help out there.

With kids being out of school for so long, tutoring businesses are booming.

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"Everybody's kind of in a tailspin now. So, the phone's been ringing off the wall," Kristen Broussard-Jones, Founder and Executive Director of The Learning Enhancement Center, said.

Many are getting more familiar with this "new normal," including this new standard of learning.

"People are just trying to survive," Broussard-Jones said. "Kids have trouble processing things auditorally visually, and that's the supportive system for all of academics."

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Grappling with the effects of COVID-19, parents are turning to distance learning, and need help especially for children who need extra assistance. A UT Austin Poll revealed 65% of Texans feel its unsafe for children to return to school this fall.  

Broussard-Jones says she's had more calls come in from parents seeking help for their kids because they fear their children won't be fully learning virtually.

"The end of last year, which just didn't go well, for a lot of them, either they did their school work for their child," she said. "Or they help their child and they know that their work might not have even been graded because they know their child is not necessarily a competent student, but they did well grade wise and the parents know that those are false grades."

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It's an uncertain time for many but hope lies in a lesson.

"They're taking it all in," she said. "So when you can try to keep things as normal as possible, with your tutor and you can relate to them like in a normal type atmosphere, then that's what we want to try and do."