After an outpouring of support from our generous community, we're bringing you an update on an amazing young man from Nampa.

Tuesday, we shared with you the story of 22-year-old Lucas McCulley, who has been living with a rare and painful tumor on his face.

Enormous medical costs have held him back from getting the growth removed, but that all may change thanks to our giving viewers.

Since McCulley shared his story on our newscast Tuesday, more than $42,000 has been raised in less than 24-hours!

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McCulley explained to KTVB why he has been living with this benign, but large and painful lymphangioma on the right side of his face for so long.

He's had 24 surgeries before the age of 10, all which were unsuccessful.

He has been denied disability, which McCully would gave gained Medicaid under.

“I’m in pain from the moment I wake up and right until I go to sleep," he said. "That's their problem, you can’t prove pain, anybody can say they are in a bunch of pain but can’t prove it. They said that my vision is fine, I’m good enough to go work in the back of a place.”

Not being able to bear the cost without insurance, McCulley set up a GoFundMe as a last ditch effort, which has shot up to more than $47,000 in just one day, after he shared his story.

“Thank you to everybody, you can't really say enough words because everyone came up there and has helped me get up to where I am right now, it's not even 24 hours and it's pretty amazing to have that happen,” says McCulley.

Not only has his story brought in thousands of dollars in donations, but has attracted the attention nationwide.

The nationally syndicated show "The Doctors" has contacted McCulley and told him they are interested in having him on the show.

"It’s a little bit unbelievable," says McCulley. "I mean obviously, there is no reason not to, I’ll be nervous and I'm not really one to put myself out there, but I’ll probably end up doing it.”

McCulley says first he plans on contacting his local doctor this week to find out exactly how much this procedure will cost and will keep everyone up-to-date on his medical journey.

“Everybody that has donated deserves to know what happens, when they contribute and help they deserve to know how the story goes and how the story ends,” says McCulley.

To help with McCulley’s medical costs, click here.