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Walmart plans to sell some Thanksgiving items at last year's prices

One survey found that more than one-third of people expect to pay more for Thanksgiving groceries but still plan to purchase the same amount this year.
Credit: Walmart
Thanksgiving turkey shopping at Walmart.

WASHINGTON — With higher costs expected for Thanksgiving this year, some major chains are promising to roll back prices for consumers. 

Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, said Thursday it is currently rolling out updated prices on traditional Thanksgiving items to offer "this year's Thanksgiving meal at last year's price."

Earlier this week, discount supermarket chain Aldi said it would be offering Thanksgiving grocery staples up to 30% off, in order to match pre-inflation prices from 2019 as part of the "Thanksgiving Price Rewind" promotion. 

Discount retailer Lidl, which has more than 170 stores on the east coast, said it will again be selling a Thanksgiving basket that can feed up to 10 people for less than $30. 

Between now and Nov. 10, BJ's Wholesale Club is offering its members a digital coupon for a free Butterball whole turkey when they spend $150. 

Market research firm IRI predicts that traditional Thanksgiving meal items will cost around 13.5% more than last year. In a survey, IRI found that 38% of people expect to pay more for groceries but still plan to purchase the same amount for Thanksgiving this year.

But it's not just inflation that's causing higher prices for the holidays. The avian flu has hit 43 states this year, impacting more than 47 million birds in the process, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

The national average price per pound of a whole frozen turkey this week is $1.99, compared to $1.15 last year, according to USDA data.

However, those prices could change in the coming weeks as grocery stores put on holiday deals. Plus, most stores book turkeys months in advance, meaning current prices might not reflect what's passed along to consumers.

Now you'll want to make sure you do your Thanksgiving shopping before the actual holiday. Walmart, ALDI and BJ's are among the many retailers who will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year

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