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Local organizations are helping through fostering and adopting journeys

After the Supreme Court's overturn of Roe v. Wade, East Texas organizations are ready to help mothers through adoption and foster options.

WHITEHOUSE, Texas — With the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, coordinators are gearing up for an increase in children up for adoption or foster care. 

One couple shared their experience of being foster parents, and why they encourage other couples to take on the challenge. 

"The Fostering Collective has been working to support foster and adoptive families," said Amanda Black, a foster mother and recruitment coordinator for the organization. 

The Fostering Collective currently serves about 100 families though support groups, supplies, and resources to getting parents verified to foster children.. 

"We've had in our home, we think about 23 or 24 [kids]," Amanda Black said. "Some just for maybe six days, maybe a month or six weeks, six months, 12 months, 18 months, or two years. I mean we've had a wide variety, every case is different. No two CPS cases are gonna go exactly the same."

Her husband, Tony Black, also volunteers with the collective and provides beds to children in need through the nonprofit Pure Religion.  

"We just have to believe that the seeds that we plant in these kids," Tony Black said. "That as they go along in their life, that there's going to be fruit that's going to grow from within and we trust in that. We've had some tremendous opportunities."

So how will adoption agencies help expecting mothers who can’t afford to keep their child?

"We expect to see and hear from more young women who are pregnant and didn't plan to be, and are wanting to know what their options are," said Sherri Statler, president of Christian Homes & Family Services. "When a young woman gets pregnant and didn't plan to be, sometimes the best way that she can be a mother is to choose adoption for her baby. So we want her to know as much about adoption as possible. We want her to understand the ins and outs of it."

But that’s not possible without volunteers. 

"If you feel like it's right for you, you need to do it," Amanda Black said. "If it's been on your heart for a while it's time and yes. It's scary, but it's also scary to think what's going to happen if you don't obey that calling."

The Fostering Collective and CHFS say whether you’re looking to foster a child or donate supplies, they’re ready to talk to you. 

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