On May 20, 1989, then-12-year-old Kimberly Norwood vanished near her home in Hallsville. She has not been seen or heard from since.

"I think about it all the time," Kimberly's mother Janice Norwood said. "I keep thinking of something to do to try and find her. I've done a lot, but apparently, I haven't done the right thing."

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"I might not mention it, but it's on my mind every day she's missing,” Kimberly's father Bobbie Norwood said.

Three decades later, Kimberly's parents haven't forgotten the events of that day.

Janice created a scrapbook with newspaper clippings mentioning Kimberly's disappearance. 

Janice Norwood with newspaper articles of Kimberly's disappearance
Kimberly's mother Janice Norwood peaking at a book with newspaper articles of Kimberly's disappearance

On that fateful Saturday, around 4:50 p.m., Janice received a call from her daughter who was at a friend's house. Kimberley asked if that friend could stay the night, to which her mother responded, "no." 

"We told her, as I put, it 'we didn't feel like putting up with you tonight',” Janice said.

Janice then hung up the phone and headed into town with her other daughter, expecting Kimberly to make the mile-walk home with her three friends. 

Trail to Norwood home
Trail to Norwood home

When the girls got to the intersection of Red Oak Road and Franklin Road, they split up in different directions leaving Kimberly to walk home alone.

“The kids out here, they like to walk, we thought it was safe," Janice said. 

Kimberly never made it home.

Norwood home
Norwood home on thirtieth anniversary of Kimberly's disappearance

"We couldn't find anyone that said they had seen her or knew where she was or anything," Janice said. "It's just kinda been that way ever since"

"We're at a point of needing a lead, needing a break,” Brandon Fletcher, Chief Deputy for the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said. “Needing that one thing that changes everything."

Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Harrison County Sheriff's Office

Brandon was not employed by the HCSO when Kimberly went missing, but they have not forgotten about the case.

"There's always something that happens later that can completely change everything you know about it," Brandon said "You just keep digging and keep trying to find what it is. When Kimberly Norwood went missing she was a child. Although it's been 30 years, in our eyes, we're looking for an adult now, but we're still looking for that child too."

Old photo of people searching for Kimberly
Old photo of people searching for Kimberly

Janice hopes the 30th anniversary of Kimberly's disappearance brings her story back into the light so the family can finally get the answers they have been longing for.

"Because we don't know who did it, it can happen again and anywhere," Janice said. "We would never dream in a million years it would happen in Hallsville, Texas. In the summer time, if I'm watering my plants, I'm always looking up that drive hoping to see her walking up that drive."

Below, an age-progression photo created by the National Center for Missing Children depicts what Kimberly could look like at 42-years-old. 

052119 Kimberly Norwood PIC
Center for Missing and Exploited Children/Family Photo

If you have any information regarding Kimberly's disappearance, please call the Harrison County Crime Stoppers at (903) 935-9969. You can remain anonymous. 

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