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Sen. Hughes, author of SB8, celebrates Supreme Court ruling

Sen. Bryan Hughes says keeping the restrictive abortion ban in effect is a "victory for human life".

TYLER, Texas — A divided Supreme Court rejected efforts by the Biden Administration to block a controversial Texas law on Friday.

Author of Senate Bill 8, also known as "the Heartbeat Act," Sen. Bryan Hughes, says he is very encouraged about this ruling.

"It's a victory for for the sanctity of human life," Sen. Hughes said.

The law bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected--before most women know they're pregnant--but Senator Hughes says the state plans to continue supporting alternatives with an increase in funding of $100 million.

"We know women are facing difficulties, many unplanned, unexpected, unwanted pregnancies," said Sen. Hughes. With the increase in funding the state will be able to give mothers "tangible help" with baby formula, diapers, parenting classes, baby clothes, car seats for mothers who choose to put their babies up for adoption. 

However, the Biden administration says the ruling is an attempt to undo 50 years of precedent. 

Vice President Kamala Harris says a woman's rights to make decisions about her body is not negotiable.

The Biden Administration says they will "continue to fight for the constitutional right of all women to make decisions about their own bodies without interference from some legislative group of people who think they can replace their judgement with hers." 

The ruling offers a glimmer of hope for abortion providers, who are able to sue Texas officials over the state's new law. 

As the law remains intact--the decision brings the case back to a lower court in Austin for consideration.

Since the law went into effect Sept.1, many women seeking abortions in the state after the six-week period go to surrounding states--but the ruling today allows other states to follow suit.  

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