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Candidates seek to fill U.S. House District 1 seat

As Congressman Louie Gohmert campaigns for attorney general several candidates aim to fill the incumbent's seat. 4 republican, 4 democrat.

TYLER, Texas — Election day is today, and several candidates are looking to fill Congressman Louie Gohmert’s seat on capitol hill. 

"The first congressional district is the district that represents us here and east Texas," LeTourneau University associate professor of political science Dr. John Barrett said.

Republican candidates are focusing on issues like the second amendment, the border and abortion rights. 

"It's unacceptable that these politicians act like there's no solutions to our national problems because there are," republican candidate Aditya "A.D." Atholi said. "We're looking to take congress back for the middle class, and use military and business strategy to accomplish middle class concerns."

Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran is also in the running for the republican nomination. In an interview with CBS19 in 2021, Moran talked about how he was inspired by his children.

"They need someone in Washington D.C. to stand firm in that regard," republican candidate Nathaniel Moran said. "So when they’re grown up they can make good decisions, good choices and have a better life. I want to build a better community, a better country for my kids and grandkids."

Candidates are eyeing an open seat in the house which is currently held by Congressman Louie Gohmert who is running for attorney general. 

"Well, it's very challenging to get voters attention, especially in a in a race like this," Dr. Barrett said. "There's it's not often that a window of opportunity arises where the incumbent steps down, and it's an open field."

Other candidates on the republican ticket are Joe McDaniel and John Porro.

There are also 4 democrats running for the nomination hoping to claim that seat in the U.S. Capitol.

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