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Overdosing in Texas: We've heard drug warnings for decades, but this time it's different

In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons take their questions to a supervisor from the DEA in Dallas.

DALLAS — It’s cheap, easy to conceal, and deadlier than any other drug. But what exactly is fentanyl, where is it coming from and how is it so easily ending up in our schools and on our streets? 

It killed three middle schoolers in Carrollton recently. And first responders in Dallas dealt with at least 27 suspected overdose cases in one night alone. In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons take their questions to a supervisor from the DEA in Dallas. 

Associate Special Agent in Charge Wade Sparks explains the scope of the problem in a way we haven’t heard before, revealing specific apps that parents should look for on their child’s mobile device and why it’s so hard to track these drug transactions. 

It has become so concerning that Texas schools are now stocking an antidote. Dallas City Councilwoman Paula Blackmon helped launch a provocative new ad campaign. And state lawmakers in Austin are debating bills to address the growing number of deaths. 

“I’ve got three boys that I’m having these conversations with, that I’m getting information from saying, you know, 'Another one of my friend’s friends has passed because of a fentanyl Percocet,'” Blackmon said. “Or I get an email from our DPD that shows an address that I’m quite aware of and it’s my son’s friend who has been poisoned. And this happened a year ago."

Blackmon says there must be a focused approach, with individuals, city, county, and state officials working together, as well as parents, schools, and law enforcement.

“We’re going to bring families together and have a really hard conversation about how to have these hard conversations with our youngsters," Blackmon said. "We’re going to focus on putting up ads. We’re going to put it out there everywhere we go because I do believe that when parents know what outcomes can happen from one pill, they will have these conversations."

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