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POTHOLE PATROL: East Texas residents experiencing pothole problems on private property

There is a fine line between what the city and county can do regarding pothole repairs on private property.

TYLER, Texas —

Some residents in the Mountain Meadow subdivision in Tyler say they are fed up with having to fix the potholes in the neighborhood.

"I've had multiple tires bust right here, just because of the roads," Hyde Mooney says. 

Imagine having to drive on unpaved roads every single day. That’s exactly what Mooney does.

"It's just so hard because each side is terrible," she says.

Mooney tells CBS19 the potholes are so bad, school buses won’t even drive through the area to pick up children.

"They are having to sit in the cold, sometimes even in the rain," explains Mooney.

Unfortunately, because their neighborhood is out of the city and county’s jurisdiction, their roads can’t be paved. So, residents who live in the area like, Peggy Roxbury have tried to do it on their own.

"A group of us in this neighborhood put [money] together whatever we have, $5, $10, $20, whatever, and buy bricks, cement gravel, whatever we can come up with," says Roxbury.

But as soon as rain hits, that hard work has proven to be ineffective.

"So it's not like nobody is trying to work in the neighborhood, cause we working with what we got," Roxbury says.

When Roxbury first bought her land in the 90s from Nolan Slouter, she didn’t know she signed up to take care of deteriorating roads.  

"You buying property for the first time, I'm talking about myself again, you really don't know all the details," says Roxbury. "So when I bought the property, I really didn't know all the things I know now."

Now, she’s hoping the city or county will step in and help the small community find a solution.

“The policy should be changed because people really can't afford that, this is not a rich community," Roxbury says. "It's not."

A representative from the City of Tyler says they can’t take ownership of the property because it is not in the city limits. As of Monday, February 4, Smith County Road and Bridge has not returned our calls.

If you see pothole issues in your area, email news@cbs19.tv and let us know.