COLLEGE STATION, Texas - It's a scenario you never we want to face. You turn the faucet on but nothing comes out, your pipes are frozen.

For Orta Plumbing, this cold snap has their business heating up, phones ringing non stop with piping concerns.

With cold temperatures sweeping through, they say it's important to take the proper measure to stop your pipes from freezing and potentially bursting.

"If you don't turn the irrigation system off when we have a cold freeze things like this happen," said Raymond Orta Jr.

Dripping faucets, keeping temperatures inside the home no lower than 65, and keeping bathroom and kitchen cabinets open, are all things you can do to help prevent pipes from damage.

This includes protection for pipes inside the home, but especially out, but if your pipes do freeze.

"You can use a blow dryer or heating gun but you don't want to put an open flame on them because that will catch lines on fire," said Raymond Orta Jr.

If you live in an older homes with dated piping, the Orta's say is especially important to be proactive in protecting from any kind of leaks.

"When you know we have cold weather coming it's important if you don't do it to call your local plumber to get those irrigation systems drained out, pipes covered up and other preventative measures," said Orta Jr.