"Sam's Law" or HB-684, was inspired by Kilgore High School senior, Samantha Watkins.

Sam was described as a bright young woman, who sadly lost her life after suffering a massive seizure in December of 2016. 

Following her death, Shari Dudo, a former East Texas teacher started working to convince the Texas legislature to pass a law requiring all schools in the state to raise awareness and require seizure care training for teachers and faculty members.

After many trips to Austin and working with District 11, State Rep. Travis Clardy, Sam's Law was filed on January 8th, the first day of the 86th Legislative Session. 

"Sam's Law" would include three parts:

1. Any School employee or contractor that has contact with students would be required to watch a 30 minute training video, every year. 

2. More intensive training for school nurses, which will include 2 hour and 15 minute online training course, provided by the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas. 

3. All campuses to have a 'Seizure Action Plan'.

All of the training would be no cost to the Texas schools.

If you'd like to see "Sam's Law" pass or learn more about the bill, visit the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas.