SAN ANTONIO, Texas — San Antonio's City Council rejected a proposal from Councilman and mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse to revisit a decision to ban Chick-fil-A from the San Antonio Airport in a 6-5 vote Thursday.

Brockhouse was able to force the council vote using a widely un-used procedural request to place the item on the calendar again. 

Brockhouse spoke for several minutes at the beginning of City Council's meeting Thursday to expound on his decision to reignite the conversation. 

"There has been council members who have made public commentary that there was a mistake made here, we needed to fix it, and they would vote otherwise if they had the chance," he said. "Well, here's your chance."

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Despite Brockhouse's claim, however, the vote to reignite contract discussions with Chick-fil-A failed.

Councilmembers on both sides of spoke passionately about the issue. 

"I am beyond offended that we have been put in this position," Councilwoman Shirley Gonzalez said. "I think it's important that we get back to the work of this council and to the citizens who expect us to perform every day on their behalf."

"I don't see the need for going back and redoing the process, because there is no legal basis for it, and I don't see a change in the outcome," Councilman Art Hall added.

"I think we've heard people talk about having more input from the community," Councilman John Courage said.

Councilmember Clayton Perry brought up the issue of timing. Perry called on Assistant City Manager Carlos Contreras to talk about the status of the contract. 

"In the spot where Chick-fil-a was there is a TBD listed there," Conteras said. "(We are) moving forward aggressively to create another concept for that location and they are in serious conversations today to find another concept for that location."