The Lindale Pet Hospital worked tirelessly Tuesday to try and save a mare named Pheonix who was dying from horrific abuse and neglect. Sadly, Pheonix did not make it.

She was brought to the hospital in a large cow trailer with many other horses and was found wedged widthwise and already down after the other horses were unloaded. Another horse was sitting on her and moved only after the owner used a cattle prod to prompt the horse to move.

The man's identity has not been released, and Smith County is handling the potential animal cruelty case investigation.

According to a spokesperson at the hospital, there's evidence that Phoenix may have recently had a baby, and that she was two to three pounds underweight which takes months to happen. She was also severely dehydrated.

The hospital posted her brief story on their Facebook page (warning, some pictures are graphic), and is working to raise more awareness of the growing cases of animal abuses in the ETX area.

CBS19's Sasha Wilson has more of this story tonight at 6 p.m.