UPDATE: Each of the named defendants (the 10 fraternity members and the fraternity itself) requested the trial be moved to Brazos County. That request was denied this Friday.

As of now, the case will still take place in Harris County.


COLLEGE STATION, TX--- The family of the A&M student who died of an overdose in the Sigma Nu fraternity house is suing the fraternity and several of its members.

Anton Gridnev died of an accidental overdose in August 2016. Autopsy reports say he had several types of opiates in his system when he died.

In a lawsuit filed in April of this year but recently obtained by KAGS, Gridnev’s father, Eugene Gridnev, alleges that fraternity members failed to respond to Anton’s overdose in a “timely manner.”

He’s suing the national chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity and 10 of it’s members at Texas A&M University for wrongful death.

The suit says Gridnev lost consciousness midway through a Sigma Nu party. When fellow fraternity members noticed Gridnev’s condition, they called a hospital to ask for medical advice, rather than calling 911.

At the time of his death, Brad Beacham, the Executive Director of Sigma Nu said;

"Anton's family and friends remain in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to grieve his death. We are deeply troubled by information released by the College Station police department and remain prepared to assist, however possible, with the investigation by local authorities. At the appropriate time, the fraternity and university will complete their own investigations."

Eugene Gridnev argues that the fraternity and its members were responsible for his son’s safety. He’s suing for more than one million dollars.